Special Filters

Marginal Column
  • Special filters

    Bosch desiccant box

    • Large reserves for water absorption
    • Highest pulsation and burst pressure resistance
    • High performance, even under challenging conditions
    • Integrated oil separator
      • increases the life time of the air drier granulate
      • protects seals and valves against aggressive oil mist

    Bosch coolant filters

    • Specially impregnated filter medium for long standing times and high particle absorption capacity
    • Corrosion-resistant Filter housing and components
    • Easily soluble chemical additives
    • Coolant-resistant seals


    Bosch oil separators

    • Efficient separation of oil from blow-by gases to keep the intake section clean
    • Effective filtration and collection of aerosols
    • Supports compliance with emission standards

    Bosch hydraulic fluid filters

    • High dirt collection capacity for long change intervals
    • Effective water filtration, therefore no corrosion of components and no chemical reaction of the fluid
    • High pressure resistance
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