Steering accessories

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    Steering safely

    Bosch steering systems and components stand for innovative state-of-the-art developments and match the special requirements of buses, trucks and special vehicles.

    Steering shafts: Ensure steady steering

    Bosch steering shafts prevent any influence of possible movements between driver's cab and chassis on the steering behavior.


    Ball-track telescopic shafts or ball-track relay shafts with additional universal joints link the steering wheel to the steering gearbox.


    + Low wear

    + Maintenance-free

    + Also available in a light-alloy design

    Bevel gearbox: Steering buses safely

    If the position of the driver and the arrangement of the steering gearbox impede a direct connection to the steering column, bevel gearboxes come into play.


    Bevel gearboxes can redirect the steering movement of trucks and buses.


    + Low weight: 2.1 kg

    + Flange-mounted directly onto the steering gearbox

    + Can be supplied for separate installation

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