Steering pumps for commercial vehicles

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    Steering pumps for optimum performance

    When operating hydraulic power-steering systems, steering pumps are a major factor for the performance, the energy consumption and the noise level of the steering system. Despite their compact design and low weight, Bosch steering pumps achieve highest possible delivery capacities and a high efficiency.

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    Vane pump

    In power steering systems, hyraulic oil provides assistance to the steering force. The required pressure is produced by the steering pump, usually via a belt drive which is driven directly by the engine. Vane pumps are providing a constant flow of oil to the hydraulic steering system for the whole speed range of the engine with a limited maximum pressure.


    + Highest possible delivery capacities

    + High efficiency

    + High performance

    + Less energy consumption


    Variable displacement pump VARIOSERV®

    The variable displacement pump VARIOSERV® makes a significant contribution to reducing the energy consumption of hydraulic steering systems and is characterized by a variable flow rate. The adjustable curve ring enables the control of the geometric flow rate depending on the speed. So the pump supplies always based on the required characteristic curve of the supply rate.


    + Reduced power consumption

    + Temperature reduction

    + Reduction of CO2 emissions

    + Reduced fuel consumption


    Tandem pump

    The tandem pump is a combination of a vane pump and a gear pump. The housings are connected. Both systems are driven by the same shaft but produce two independent volume flows. The vane pump supplies the steering system with pressurized oil while the gear pump is used for the presupply of fuel, for example.


    + Two independent volume flows

    + Numerous possible uses on account of different pump types


    Radial-piston pump

    The constant flow direction of the radial pump when driven in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction enables it to be used mainly as a path-dependent emergency steering pump for commercial vehicles. As well as the high maximum pressure level, the suction control is of particular importance, as it takes in only the amount of oil required for steering.


    + Constant flow direction

    + Constant volume flow

    + High maximum pressure level

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