Bosch Super 4 Spark plugs

Bosch Super 4
  • Product information

    Bosch Super 4 - the first spark plug with four ground electrodes

    This heavy-duty retrofit spark plug is a real "power house" for every engine. The Bosch Super 4 is the first spark plug to feature thin ground electrodes with a pointed center electrode made of a chromium-nickel alloy. It has a sheat a sheathed copper core and operates on the surface air gap principle. A unique combination: The ignition spark always selects the engine optimum path for reliable ignition to suit engine load.

    Innovative technology for even more efficient engines

    • Surface air gap principle with four ground electrodes - the optimum spark gap is always selected.
    • Ground electrodes wear is evenly distributed over all four electrodes.
    • The silver-plated center electrode ensures good heat dissipation and thus avoids the risk of autoignition due to overheating.
    • Spark plug efficiency is enhanced by the up to 40% increase in ignition energy.