Oil Filters

  • Why choose Bosch?

    Why Bosch filters should be your first choice

    • Bosch is one of the world's leading manufacturers of gasoline and diesel systems, so no one is better placed to specify the right filter than Bosch
    • Each filter is made specifically for each engine type, so they are matched to the specific engine requirements without compromise
    • Guaranteed standards that meet or exceed vehicle manufacturer specifications
    • Increase engine service life
    • Ensures the smooth running of the engine with increasing service intervals
  • Product overview

    Bosch oil filters - for optimum engine performance

    The job of the oil filter is to protect the engine against impurities in the oil such as dust, metal particles, combustion residue or soot particles.

    With modern engines it is vital that replacement oil filters are made to the same high standards that the vehicle manufacturer specifies. Filters not made to this specification could lead to poor engine performance and damage.

    Bosch have a comprehensive range of oil filters covering most vehicles on the road today. So make sure you insist on Bosch oil filters when replacing them in your car.

    Change your oil filters regularly according to the vehicle manufacturer's specifications.


    The consequences of a dirty filter:

    • Premature engine wear, which can even lead to engine damage
    • Reduced engine power
    • Increased oil consumption
    • Oil leaks

    Urban traffic means stress for oil

    On short-distance trips and in stop-and-go traffic, the oil and the oil filters should be changed more often than the replacement intervals specified by the vehicle manufacturer. Frequent cold starts lead to more condensation and a fuel surplus in the combustion mixture. This means:

    • Unburnt hydrocarbons and condensation enter the oil which leads to premature aging of the oil
    • At high engine temperatures, these components evaporate in the oil circuit, which further reduces the lubrication quality
  • Technology

    For more than 80 years Bosch has been developing and producing filters. As one of the pioneers of injection systems, Bosch recognized the importance of protecting these sensitive systems at an early stage. This expertise and attention to detail has been consistently applied to every filter carrying the Bosch brand.

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