Gasoline Filters

Gasoline filters
  • Why choose Bosch?

    Bosch do not compromise when it comes to ensuring your engine stays protected and runs at optimum performance levels.

    For example, random samples are taken from production and subjected to a range of exacting tests. This ensures you can count of Bosch filters every time.

    Gasoline line filters for carburetor engine

    Gasoline pipe filters are used in carburetor engines to prevent starting problems and poor engine running. They protect the nozzles against impurities.


    Gasoline filters for electronic injection systems

    Even the smallest particles can cause considerable wear on your vehicle's injection system. To guarantee ideal operation and a long service life of the components, gasoline filters from Bosch filter out even the smallest impurities with a diameter of less than one thousandth of a millimeter.


    • Prevents corrosion inside the engine
    • Prevents engine damage, especialy on components with fine tolerances
    • Protects engine components from impurities and additives
  • Product overview

    Bosch gasoline filers: From the leading gasoline systems manufacturers

    Vehicle manufacturers have been improving their systems and engine components in conjunction with Bosch since 1930.

    One result of this close cooperation is gasoline direct injection. Compared with carburetor technology, it saves fuel and increases performance. This is due to air and fuel mixing directly in the combustion chamber.

    Clean fuel is vital here. Even tiny amounts of particles can damage the engine and casue engine failure due to fuel injectors becoming worn.

    Clean fuel is also important in vehicles with carburetor engines. Bosch gasoline in-line filters protect the nozzles from impurities. These can lead to starting difficulties when starting the motor and poor engine running.

    The task of the gasoline filter:

    To protect the injection system and the engine against particles and other residue in the fuel

    Change gasoline filters regularly according to the vehicle manufacturer's specifications.

    Consequences of a dirty filter:

    • Loss of engine power
    • Impairment or interruption of the fuel supply
    • Impairments to the output of the fuel pump, even to the extent of a short-circuit
    • Increased wear
  • Technology

    Gasoline filter cut away

    Gasoline Filter

    For more than 80 years Bosch has been developing and producing filters. As one of the pioneers of injection systems, Bosch recognized the importance of protecting these sensitive systems at an early stage. This expertise has been consistently applied till date to every filter carrying the Bosch brand.