Bosch vehicle bulbs

Useful advice from Bosch for more light, better vision and greater safety

  • Check the lighting system of your vehicle often and clean the headlamp lenses at regular intervals.
    Even slightly dirty lenses considerably reduce the light yield of the headlamps and lights.
  • Headlamp bulbs in particular become very hot in the course of operation. Even minute traces of grease
    become burnt into the glass, thus shortening the service life and possibly reducing light output. So never touch
    the glass of bulbs, particularly in the headlamp.
  • All new headlamp systems are provided with plastic lenses. Under the effect of ultraviolet rays,
    these plastic lenses gradually become cloudy. All Bosch headlamps are therefore manufactured with UV cut.
  • The Bosch range contains a variety of product lines for different areas of application. If a vehicle is to be re-equipped,
    i.e. if use is made of a different product line, it is essential to always replace both bulbs.
  • Switching off lights and the ignition helps to avoid damage to vehicle electrical and electronic equipment.
  • Caution is essential: Never pull off abruptly, as this could damage the connector and mount.
  • Headlamp check: Experts recommend checking the headlamp adjustment in addition to the function after every change of bulb.

Symbols for greater safety

Various symbols are shown on our product packaging to provide information on how to handle bulbs.

Do not touch the glass with fingers
Hold the bulb by the base
Switch off the headlamps before changing a bulb
Wear suitable eye protection during removal and installation
Wear appropriate protective gloves when installing and removing
Caution: hot
Only for use in lamps with protective cover
Protect against splashwater
Never use bulbs with scratched or damaged glass
Intended application of bulb: This is a vehicle bulb (6V, 12V)
Intended application of bulb: This is a vehicle bulb (24V)
The bulb is not suitable for use in household lights
Only to be installed by experts