Hydraulic Fluid

For maximum safety: Bosch brake fluid
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    An Extra Boost for Vehicles with LHM System

    The mineral hydraulic fluid LHM+ is a special fluid from Bosch for braking systems with mineral-oil hydraulics and LHM system. It provides assistance for hydraulically controlled braking, steering and suspension functions and ensures maximum safety and ride comfort thanks to top Bosch quality standards.

    • Produced from base oils with extra thermal stability
    • Application range -40° C to approx. 110° C
    • High viscosity index for consistent braking force transmission even at high temperatures
    • Optimum cold flow properties at low ambient temperatures
    • High ageing resistance
    • Excellent corrosion protection for all hydraulic components
    • Improved additives and viscosity for greater temperature ranges
    • Sizes available: 0.5/1.0/5.0 liters
    • Based on the latest vehicle manufacturer specifications
    • Conforming to ISO 7308 quality standards
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