Bosch ENV4 and ENV6 brake fluids

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    Modern brake systems are becoming more and more powerful while the reaction times of ABS and ESP®are getting shorter. Therefore, the requirements on brake fluids are becoming tougher and tougher. The new Bosch brake fluids ENV4 and the high-performance version ENV6 ensure modern brake systems provide top performance at all times. This is mainly achieved by the lower viscosity and the higher wet boiling point in comparison with DOT-standard brake fluids. The high lubricity of Bosch ENV6 minimizes both noises and wear inside ABS and ESP® systems. Additionally, the newly developed brake fluids reduce corrosion within brake systems.

    The very good technical characteristics of the new brake fluids allow for significantly increased service intervals for ENV6. Standard DOT4 brake fluids need to be replaced every two years. ENV6, however, features a three-year replacement interval.

    Another advantage is the new brake fluid’s downward compatibility for ENV6. It can be used for all brake systems built since 1990 which use typical polyglycol-based brake fluids. Systems working with LHM brake fluids – based on mineral oils - or containing silicones (DOT5) are the only ones excluded.

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