Electric steering

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    For a modern future: Electric steering

    Servolectric® works with an electronically controlled electric motor. Depending on the type of vehicle, it saves up to 90% of energy in comparison to hydraulic steering systems and allows the application of assistance functions.

    Electric steering in passenger cars does not only allow fuel savings of up to 0.8 liters per 100 kilometers; this technology is, at the same time, the basis for several driver assistance systems and for automated driving. This includes automatic evasion in hazardous situations, lane-departure warning systems or start/stop sailing with the engine turning off during coasting phases.



    + Power assistance can easily be adapted to any type of vehicle

    + High driving comfort

    + Energy is only required during the actual steering process

    + Energy savings

    + Maintenance-free

    Main areas of application

    ✔ Passenger cars

    ✔ Pick-up trucks

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