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    Diesel glow systems: the right glow plug for every vehicle

    Sheathed-element glow plugs ensure comfortable starting, stable cold-running characteristics and lower emissions. Because they are wearing parts, their functional performance should be regularly checked by an expert. If the sheathed-element glow plug needs to be replaced, Bosch offers the right solution for every vehicle model – made from either metal or ceramic and with the appropriate heating element diameter.

    Bosch sheathed-element glow plugs score high with their optimal property profile, which perfectly combines an operating voltage, maximum preheating temperature, heating time, and afterglow period to meet the requirements of every vehicle model. Additionally, they have a high resistance to chemical, mechanical, and thermal loads and a long service life.


    Common features of all post-glow capable glow plugs from Bosch

    • Very high original equipment quality
    • Intrinsic safety through self-regulation of temperature
    • Very long service life
    • Excellent price-performance ratio
    • Reliable and very fast cold start

    Advantages for the customer

    • Emissions reduction ➔ Protects the environment
    • Optimal fuel combustion ➔ Increased driving performance
    • Reduced fuel consumption ➔ Reduced costs
    • Bosch reliability ➔ Satisfied customers
    • Self-regulation of temperature = Reliable post-glow ➔ Ensures optimal engine running
    • Longer replacement intervals due to increased service life ➔ Reduced costs

    Bosch glow plugs with the power of persuasion:

    The extensive glow plug range from Bosch offers the right solution for almost every diesel vehicle. With over 90 years of experience and expertise, Bosch develops cutting-edge technology for diesel. From the Duraterm® to the DuraSpeed® glow plug – Bosch sets benchmarks and meets the highest quality requirements.

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