Duraterm High Speed

  • Product information

    Duraterm® High Speed: The second Duraterm® generation

    The Duraterm® High Speed low-voltage glow plug is characterized by faster starts in new diesel engines.

    The design and functional principle are the same as for the Duraterm metal glow plugs. To improve its technical features compared with Duraterm®, Duraterm® High Speed was designed for a low voltage of 4.4 or 5.0 volts:

    • Halving of the start time to around 2 seconds
    • Reaches its preheating temperature of approx. 1 000°C in about 2 seconds
    • Doubling of the post-glow time to 360 seconds
    • Protection of the battery and relief of the alternator during cold starts

    Yesterday and today

    For decades, glow plug starting systems were used only for starting. Today, they also reduce exhaust emissions and make engines more environmentally friendly.

    Advantages of Duraterm® High Speed over Duraterm®

    • Ready to start in 2 seconds
    • Improved cold idling
    • Even lower emissions even at higher engine speeds
    • Lower energy consumption
    • Protects battery and alternator during cold start
    • Improved combustion and thus fuel saving