Glow plug technologies

  • Product information

    The design principle of the Duraterm® and Duraterm® High Speed:

    • The insulating washer [ 2 ] ensures reliable insulation between the terminal stud and the housing.
    • The glow tube [ 4 ] must above all be able to withstand the thermal shock, vibration and corrosion caused by aggressive gases and soot from combustion. Bosch therefore uses NiCrFe alloys that meet these requirements perfectly.
    • The control coil [ 5 ] of Co8Fe alloy ensures a constant temperature of
      1 000°C
    • The heating coil [ 7 ] is designed to heat up in the shortest possible time and comply with the defined service life.
    • The connection between the heatingcoil [ 7 ] and the control coil [ 5 ] is laser-welded and ensures a permanent connection.
    • The heater seal [ 8 ] and the housing seal [ 9 ] ensure that the glow plugs are absolutely gas-tight.
    • The screw-in thread is coated and rolled. This means that it cannot seize in the cylinder head and easy unscrewing is guaranteed. In addition, high mechanical strength is guaranteed.