• Product information

    A major component of moder SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) systems is the Bosch Denoxtronic reduction agent metering system. It reduces nitrogen oxides in exhaust gas and has been used in heavy commercial vehicles in Europe since 2004.

    Denoxtronic features modular construction and consists of

    • Supply module
    • Dosing module
    • DCU (Dosing Control Unit)


    Denoxtronic introduces the reducing agent AdBlue into the exhaust gas flow. AdBlue is administered in the required quantity - precisely adjusted to the current operating status.


    • Reduction of NOx emissions to adhere to global emissions norms
    • Fuel-saving engine design
    • Quick amortization of the additional costs through fuel savings
    • Proven, robust technology
    • Controlled by ECU (Electronic Control Unit) or separate DCU

    Denoxtronic 1.1

    The first generation for commercial vehicles, consisting of a supply module with integrated DCU, dosing module and atomizer.


    Denoxtronic 2.1

    The second generation for commercial vehicles: supply module with integrated DCU and dosing module.


    Denoxtronic 2.2

    The newest generation fulfills the strictest emission standards EU6 and US 10. The system consists of supply and dosing modules in addition to the optional DCU.