• Product information

    Nozzles are used to atomize the fuel with precision and to distribute it in the combustion chamber so that optimal combustion can occur. At the same time, the nozzle reliably seals off the fuel system from the combustion chamber.

    The range of Bosch nozzles is diverse and covers all conventional applications. It is based on the extensive expertise of Bosch as a vital partner for international vehicle manufacturers.

    Technical features

    • The clearance of moving parts stands at 0.002 mm.
    • The fuel is injected into the combustion chamber with a pressure of up to 2,000 bar.
    • The injected fuel quantity varies between 1 mm³ and 350 mm³ (this quantity is forced through a 0.25 mm² opening at 2,000 km/h).
    • Fuel injection is much faster than the blink of an eye.