Distribution injection pumps

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    Small, high-speed diesel engines require an injection system with high performance, rapid injection sequences, low weight and a small installation volume. Distributor injection pumps meet these requirements. They consist of a small, compact assembly containing the supply pump, high-pressure pump, and regulation device.

    Due to its compact design, the distributor injection pump is suitable for a variety of applications in cars, light commercial vehicles, stationary engines, and construction and agricultural machines (off-highway).

    Axial-piston distributor injection pumps for engines with indirect injection (IDI) generate pressures of up to 350 bar at the nozzle. For engines with direct injection (DI), both axial and radial-piston distributor injection pumps are used with peak pressures of approx. 1950 bar.

    Axial-piston distributor injection pumps (VE..) are used for engines with a power output of approx. 30 kW per cylinder, and radial-piston distributor injection pumps (VR..) with engines up to 45 kW.

    Distributor injection pumps are lubricated with fuel and are maintenance free.

    Distributor injection pump versions:

    A distinction is made between these pumps according to the type of quantity control used, their high pressure generation and regulation, as shown in the diagram: