High-Pressure Injection Valves

Bosch high-pressure injection valves – quality from the market leader
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    Bosch High-Pressure Injection Valves: Top Technology from the Top Supplier

    The high-pressure injection valve, used on Bosch direct injection systems, is the interface between the fuel rail and the combustion chamber. Its task is to meter the fuel and vaporize it in such a way that fuel and air are mixed in a target-oriented way in a particular area of the combustion chamber in order to achieve ideal combustion of the mixture.

    Our high-pressure injection valves, with their light weight, wide variety of jet shapes, homogeneous mixture distribution, and droplets of the smallest size, are universally usable in gasoline engines. These positive properties influence cold-start behavior and reactions to load changes and HC emissions, exerting a favorable influence on combustion.


    Advantages of direct gasoline injection:

    • Reduced fuel consumption of up to 15%
    • Up to 5% higher torque
    • Spontaneous response behavior