Fuel Supply-Module Repair Components

Fuel supply module repair kits
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    The New Bosch Special Kits

    Special kits make it possible for your workshop to carry out “present value” repairs of fuel supply modules: Providing you with a complete package of all wearing parts – and with it a cost-effective solution.

    • Complete package of all wearing and assembly parts
    • Including easy-to-understand installation instructions
    • Repair fuel supply modules quickly and easily
    • A cost-effective solution with a broad market coverage
    • Maximum functionality and a long service life

    Workshop Tip: Repairing the Fuel Supply Module the Smart Way – in Six Easy Steps

    1. Remove the fuel supply module from the tank

    2. Unplug the electrical and hydraulic connections

    3. Remove the gasoline pump and filter

    4. Install the Bosch repair kit in the fuel supply module

    5. Re-establish the electrical and hydraulic fuel pump connections

    6. Install the repaired fuel supply module in the tank