Air Fanfare Horns

Air Fanfare Horns
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    Air Fanfare Horns: Truck Driving Sensation for Vehicles with Compressed Air System

    Is your vehicle fitted with a compressed air system? If so, you can enjoy a real truck driving sensation with air fanfare horns from Bosch. The penetrating dual-tone signal carries over even long distances.


    • Penetrating dual-tone signal audible over long distances
    • Long service life and dependability
    • Not affected by rust and flying stones
    • Elegant design: 2 chrome-plated metal cones, with black base
    • Two-point mount for firm and secure anchoring
    • With German road traffic licensing act and EC approval

    Technical Data

    • Volume: 118 dB (A) at a distance of 2 m
    • Low tone: 300 Hz
    • High tone: 320 Hz

    Areas of Application

    • Trucks, buses
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