The spark plug range

The Bosch spark plugs range
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Bosch Car Service

Bosch Car Service

  • Product information

    The Bosch spark plugs range: as diverse as the requirements and applications

    The Bosch range has just the right spark plug for virtually every application.


  • New packaging

    Modern and attractive: the new packaging

    New modern packaging design

    New modern packaging design

    - Modern concept with the emphasis on technology

    - Easy to find on the shelf

    White strip with Bosch logo on blue packaging

    - Clear identification of Bosch brand

    - No risk of mix-ups

    Product illustration and information

    - Easy to pick out the right product

    Strong packaging

    - Reliable product protection during transportation and for storage

    Information block showing electrode gap and torque

    - Fitting instructions on the product packaging

    QR code

    - Quick access for additional product details

    Spark plugs in packs of one, four and ten

    - Convenient packaging, suited to the needs of workshops and dealers


    The procedure has not changed in any way:

    The order numbers, applications, type designations, short ID numbers and EAN codes are all still the same.

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