Diesel Filters

Diesel filters
  • Why choose Bosch?

    Bosch is one of the world's leading diesel system manufacturers, working closely with vehicle manufacturers to bring the latest, most fuel efficient diesel systems to the modern car.

    Increased levels of performance and efficiency means tolerances become finer. This means diesel filters have to keep out smaller and smaller particles and contaminants to ensure the smooth running and operation of the modern diesel engine.

    Therefore, no one is better placed to ensure the right diesel filter is produced for the right deisel engine than Bosch.

    • Prevents corrosion inside the engine
    • Prevents engine damage, especialy on components with fine tolerances
    • Protects engine components from impurities and additives
  • Product overview

    Bosch diesel filters - from the diesel system specialist

    Vehicle manufacturers have been developing better and better systems and engine components in cooperation with Bosch since 1930.

    One result of this cooperation is the Common Rail System. Common Rail Systems with piezo injectors switch five times quicker than solenoid valves. This enables you to save fuel.

    Bosch diesel filters are optimally adapted to the respective engine. They remain stable even at very high injection pressures. Their job is to filter impurities and water out of the fuel. These can lead to wear or corrosion of the engine. Vehicle breakdown can be the result.

    Function of the diesel filter:

    Protection of the injection system and the engine against particles, water and other residue in the fuel.

    Change the diesel filter regularly according to the vehicle manufacturer's specifications.

    Consequences of silted-up filter:

    • Loss of engine power, even to the extent of an engine standstill
    • Impairment or interruption of the fuel supply
    • Impairment to the output of the fuel pump, even to the extent of a short-circuit
    • Increased wear
    • Internal corrosion of engine components

    Also ideal for biodiesel: Bosch diesel filters

    Special features of biodiesel:

    • Aggressive behavior against elastomers and sealing materials
    • "Saponification" of the fuel through reactions with certain materials
    • Lower water separation
    • Faster silting up of the diesel filter
    • Increased growth of microorganisms

    Thanks to resistant materials for the seal and housing, ideal filter media, and improved separation of water, diesel filters from Bosch are the optimal solution even when using biodiesel.

  • Technology

    Diesel filter cut away


    For more than 80 years Bosch has been developing and producing filters. As one of the pioneers of injection systems, Bosch recognized the importance of protecting these sensitive systems at an early stage. This expertise has been consistently applied till date to every filter carrying the Bosch brand.