Air Filters

Air filters
  • Why choose Bosch?

    Why Bosch filters should be your first choice

    • Bosch is one of the world's leading manufacturers of gasoline and diesel systems, so no one is better placed to specify the right filter than Bosch
    • Each filter is made specifically for each engine type, so they are matched to the specific engine requirements without compromise
    • Guaranteed standards that meet or exceed vehicle manufacturer specifications
    • Improved engine performance and fuel consumption
    • Increased service life and reduced engine repairs
  • Product overview

    End of the line for dirt particles of all kinds

    The task of the air filter

    - To protect the engine against dirt particles in the intake of air

    - To protect the engine against wear

    - To safeguard the air supply in the mixture generation

    - To reduce the noise level

    Change the air filter regularly according to the vehicle manufacturer's specification.

    The consequences of a dirty filter:

    • Poor air-fuel mixture generation resulting in reduced engine power and increased pollutant emissions
    • Increased fuel consumption
    • Increased engine wear from particles
    • Problems starting your vehicle

    The prerequisite for flawless operation: A tight fit

    Leakages and porosity lead to a bypass of unfiltered, unmetered air into the intake duct. Consequently, Bosch air filters are made with a longer-lasting seal made of polyurethane:

    • Exact fit matched to the housing shapes
    • Unevenness in the housing is compensated for
    • Flexibility and suppleness in the seal across the entire service life of the filter
  • Technology

    Make up of an air filter


    For more than 80 years Bosch has been developing and producing filters. As one of the pioneers of injection systems, Bosch recognized the importance of protecting these sensitive systems at an early stage. This expertise has been consistently applied to every filter carrying the Bosch brand.