Brake discs

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As good as new: Reconditioned Bosch automotive parts from Bosch eXchange.

  • Product information

    Top Quality Workmanship without Exceptions

    As a premium manufacturer, Bosch has its own research, development and production facilities. At Bosch, care is taken to observe particularly stringent quality standards right from the start. As a result, Bosch brake discs show a high level of thermal conductivity, accuracy of fit and mechanical and thermal stability.

    • Extensive knowledge of materials
    • Minimal production tolerances
    • High thermal conductivity
    • Precisely matching every type of vehicle
    • High-carbon technology ensures better performance and greater ride comfort
    • The disc coating guards against corrosion and provides long-lasting protection

  • Why Bosch?

    Bosch brake discs are made to exacting standards.

    • High quality surface finish to reduce bedding in oeriod and noise
    • All vented discs are balanced at factory to ensure they run correctly on the vehicle
    • Anti corrosion plating on many discs means improved appreanance of alloy wheels
    • Casting and manufacturing tolerances to vehicle manufacturer standards

    Bosch brake discs - optimum braking performance

  • Technology

    The technology behind the disc

    Bosch Battery Cutaway

    Bosch Brake Discs - Superior Performance

    Bosch brake discs are manufactured with safety and performance in mind. That's why we have the highest standards in our manufacturing process.

    1. Venting

    Used where required, this design feature ensures the heat is dissipated effectively.

    2. Anti-corrosion plating

    No cleaning required before installation and enhanced aesthetic appearance with long-lasting protection.

    3. Vehcilce specific casting

    We use the widest range of high carbon and alloy materials to match OE specifications, ensuring the correct level of heat dissipation and preventing disc deformation.

    4. Heat groove

    This acts as a thermal barrier reducing the heat transfer to the hub.

    5. Precise surface finish

    This enables a shorter bedding in period and eliminates noise and vibration problems.

    6. Balancing

    Each vented disc is balanced for perfect operation.

  • Casting Quality

    Casting Quality

    High carbon and alloy cast mixtures are designed to maximise the stress tolerances on the disc and ensure they operate effectively and safely.


    The result of our manufacturing process can be seen above. It means improved performance:

    - Higher thermal conductivity

    - Lower thermal deformation

    - Lower lateral run out

    - Less brake judder

    - Lower noise levels

    - Improved braking performance